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    A Diamond is the hardest mineral on earth rating at 10 on the Mohs scale, it is the most highly prized of all gems, its brilliance, lustre, fire and refraction has been its attraction since time immemorial. It is formed in so many colours other from the clear, pink,

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    A sapphire is from the family of gemstones called corundum, its sister stone is the ruby. The basic elements are oxygen and aluminium, and the blue colour is created by the addition of iron and titanium atoms. Actually, pure sapphire is colourless,

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    As we all know by now; jewellery is any form of ornament such as a ring or necklace that is made from a precious metal. But to those that have a passion for it, it’s more than just an ornament that you wear on your body, but more of an expression of who you are.

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    Vintage Rubies

    A ruby is from the same family as sapphire- namely Corundum, the same basic make up being aluminium and oxygen. Chromium is also present which gives ruby its red colour, varying amounts giving the differing hues of colour.


Rolex Submariner

First launched in 1953 the Rolex Submariner is the iconic watch range from one of the world’s finest watch houses. The model was first launched for the purposes of deep sea diving, and when it was launched at the 1954 Swiss Watch Fair it was an instant hit with those concerned with the sea. Known for it’s resistance to water, 980 feet, or 300 metres is now the usual depth that this watch can reach without harm, although the early models were resistant to water to a depth of 200 metres. Read More

Vintage Rolex Watches

The Rolex Watch company was founded in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf. In 1910, Rolex became the first company ever to receive the chronometer certificate. The watches initially were prone to letting in dust and humidity and the firm worked hard to improve the strength of their timepieces. In 1926, it immersed a watch in water for three weeks to see if they could really produce a water proof watch and to prove their point, Mercedes Glietze swam the English Channel wearing a Rolex watch. The company had actually found a solution to making a watch water tight by inventing a screw down crown (button) . It was the start of Rolex becoming known for the production of watches to unheard of depths in water.

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