Beautiful Aquamarine Jewellery



Aquamarine hails from the same family as emerald. A beautiful sea green to sky blue gemstone, but mainly seen over a spectrum of light blue colours. A stone treasured by women all over the  world as its compliments every skin tone, and eye colour. A stone noted in history to promote feelings of sympathy, harmony, trust and friendship.  It will be seen as a divine stone- a giver of life- as is the most basic element on earth- water.  Its name is just that, aqua- water- marine – sea, and sailors believe that this stone is lucky, well they would wouldn’t they?  It is said in folk lore that the wearer of an aquamarine will have a long and happy marriage, so a must for an engagement ring.

Belonging to the beryl family, and unusually unlike emeralds, they are almost always flawless. The hardness on the Mohs scale is 7-8, so its at the upper end of being a good stone to wear,  so is protected from becoming scratched. Iron is the substance that gives it the blue colour, the more presence iron, the deeper the colour. Usually the stringer the colour, the higher the value per carat. Some aquamarines can veer into the very pale green spectrum, but it is the clear pale blue that really shows the magnificent shine of this gemstone.

Many are found in Brazil, from the Santa Maria de Itabira mine. Some do come from Africa particularly Mozambique. However one of the most beautiful stones to come from Brazil was named Martha Rocha after the Brazilian beauty queen on 1954.


Sometimes a very large crystal is found, one of the largest from Brazil in 1910 weighing over 110kg, fouaquamarine-ringnd in Marambaia/Minas Gerais. This stone is favoured by many designers as it can be cut in so many fascinating ways. So often the stone is fashioned into what is known as a step cut, or emerald cut, although smaller stones can also be facet cut in ovals, squares, and rounds, and when set with diamonds the stone looks even more stunning. However, it seems that many designers love to play with inspirational designs, and we have shown a few here from our own collection as seen on