Emerald cut diamond rings

We at Vintage Tom have today purchased a most beautiful gem ring set with an almost perfect diamond. The stone, set into a platinum setting is an emerald cut. That is a stone which is also known as a step cut and has a broad flat plane with truncated corners.  It resembles stair steps when viewed from above  and has 57 facets, 25 on the crown and 32 on the pavilion.

Its true that an emerald cut does not have the brilliance of a round brilliant cut diamond the broad flat plane of the stone does highlight its clarity. Therefore it is usually the better stones that are cut this way, and this is an exceptional example of just how an emerald cut diamond should look.

The history of this cut  has been traced back some 500 years, but it is the Art Deco period that saw it first used in commercially available pieces. It was called the emerald cut as stone cutters were used to cutting emeralds in this fashion. They liked to cut emeralds in this fashion as it would lessen the pressure on the stone.

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