Peridot- the birthstone for August

August is around the corner, so if you wish to give someone a birthday gift, then their birthstone is Peridot. There is a lot of mythology attached to birthstones and whilst Peridot has been seen as the traditional stone for the month, Leos can also wear Diamond, Tourmaline and Ruby. So the choice is a little wider if olive greens are not the preferred option.
However, as peridot has officially been designated to be the stone for August, we will show that this stone has been around for a very long time. 1500-2000BC was the earliest record for the mining of the stone, and was connected very much to Egypt, and indeed in was thought that Cleopatra’s emeralds, were in fact- peridots, no tests in those days.

Most gems are formed in the Earth’s crust, with the exception of diamond and peridot, which are formed much deeper in the Earth’s mantle. Peridot is formed in magma about 20-55 miles deep and brought to the surface by volcanic or tectonic activity. The main source was known as Topazes Island, also known as St John’s Island in the Red Sea, only the stone may have originally been known as topaz. Oddly the exact location of the island was lost for several centuries and only rediscovered in 1905.  Today Burma, Pakistan, China, and the USA are main sources.

Peridot it has been said will protect the wearer from evil spirits, and was thought to cure asthma.

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