Sell your watch or jewellery

Sell your unwanted Jewellery or Watches

We would like to purchase your unwanted vintage watches, jewellery and rings. Any condition is considered be it a broken chain or bracelet through to an antique gem ring. We pay very near to the current scrap price, but of course we are happy to pay well over this for items we can re-sell. We particularly want old gold charms, signet rings, antique and vintage rings, and antique items of jewellery. The latter we can normally renew and give a new home to, so these precious items do not end up ‘in the melting pot’, so someone else can enjoy them!

We urge you not to just visit the local gold buying store, many of these outlets just buy to scrap or even worse sending away to companies that only buy to scrap. At least by coming to us, Charles Hart, or sending to us, we will tell you what an item is worth and whether we will try to bring an item back to life. If we are going to melt down, we will tell you.

We also would be interested in buying any good quality watches from you, eg Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Longines, Gucci, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Ebel etc., and if you have a box, joy! If you have the papers- double joy! This will ensure you get an even higher price.

We can also sell your jewellery on your behalf. By doing this you will obtain a higher price for your jewellery than selling it straight to us or sending it to auction. We place the item in our shop at a price both parties agree on and if it sells we take a 25% commission (we have to take this amount as if the item develops a fault after it is sold we have to guarantee it). Of course there is no guarantee how quick the item will sell, but this generate a better return for you in the long run.

Please note there is a £25 non refundable admin charge for this service, which covers insurance whilst the item is with us. If any of the above is of interest to you please visit our shop with your item(s) or call us on 01373 462089 or 01373 462090 or visit our store website