Service your Watch or Jewellery

Servicing and restoring your jewellery

The wonderful thing about jewellery is that in many cases these items can be brought back to their former glory. We have a number of goldsmiths who specialise in all forms of repair and restoration. Old rings with stones missing can have these replaced quite easily, although matching up a gemstone is a job for an expert.

Claws on stones should be checked on a regular basis, and special note should be made if a shank is worn. Both repairs can be undertaken by our goldsmith and ensure that they will give many more years of pleasure. If you have a chain with a valuable pendant then its a good idea to check the clasp to ensure that it will not give way and you lose the pendant. We have offered to first class repair service through our store in Frome for many years.

We can also offer a watch repair service and watch servicing and undertake replacement batteries. We also restring beads and pearls, and have an engraving service too.

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